Tell us a bit about your store:

Since the first Laser Clinics opened in Australia in 2008, the brand has helped customers to amplify their ‘youness’ without judgement. Enhancing whatever makes them feel good so they can go out in the world with confidence. It’s why we all love working here, we love our team and get to help customers feel confident every day.

What’s the most popular treatment right now?

All of them! Winter is the best time for most of the treatments we offer as sun exposure is less common. Winter is also a great time to begin laser hair removal treatments as most clients see great results even after just a couple of treatments – meaning you can be beach ready when summer arrives.

What products could you not live without?

We’re all obsessed with our Institut range; we especially love Laser Aid. It’s a cooling gel with botanical extracts that provide instant relief to irritated skin. But it has so many more uses! We also love a great SPF sunscreen and our favourite would have to be the Age Defence SPF 50+, not only a great sunscreen with SPF 50+ but also has anti-aging protection. It also works well under makeup as a primer!

What’s something people might not know about Laser Clinics New Zealand?

Some of our treatments may sound daunting, so we always welcome people to come in and have a no obligation chat with us to find out what’s suitable for them. Laser Hair removal is often one that customers can be uncertain about, but it really is for everyone. Both men and women can benefit from laser treatments. Our technology and grade 4 medical level machines mean we are able to treat all skin types safely, comfortably and effectively.

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