Tell us a bit about your store:

I’m the owner operator of my store. It’s a family operated business and we also employ casual staff so I can enjoy family time with my wife and two young sons. The best part of my job is being able to offer customers a wide range of services and the customer satisfaction I get when I can help solve their problem.

What services do you provide at Mister Minit?

We’re your one-stop service shop. Most customers know we offer key cutting, and shoe repairs but you might not know we also fix watches, replace all sorts of batteries and have a range of gift merchandise that can be personally engraved here too. Our newest service is vehicle smart keys, with remote battery replacements. We offer a same day service for most repairs, so you can enjoy a coffee and some shopping while you leave it to us to solve the problem.

What is the most unusual request you have had from a customer?

We offer many different services, there aren’t many requests from customers that we can’t solve. We have had a few unusual requests for key cutting with random designs and unusual colours. With an extensive range of keys from the standard house key to bright fluoro coloured keys we can usually find a solution for most requests.

What makes Centre City a great part of the community?

Centre City is our second home, we work here, shop here, eat here and bring our kids for the school holiday entertainment. We love being part of the community and getting to know many of our customers by name.
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