Special Occasions

Father’s Day gift ideas for our superhero dads 

The best part of Father's Day is finally buying that new item he’s not-so-subtly hinted at since last Father's Day. Whether he's a techie, a gym buff or loves a good DIY project, we have put together some tips to take the guess work out of what to get dad.  

  Tech Dad:  

  • Wireless Charging Pad:  
    If your dad is a tech geek, we'd put our money on a wireless charging pad because we all know his battery gets drained quickly. 

  • Overhead Projector: 
    We all know that dad who loves a good home theatre so get him started with a great projector, plus it’s a great excuse to get the family together for a movie night!  

  • Video doorbell: 
    A video doorbell is a handy device that allows your dad to see who is at the door from the comfort of the lounge straight to his phone, your dad will never miss a parcel or a visitor again! 

  • Automated Vacuum Cleaner: 
    Give dad the gift of multi-tasking with a brand–new automated vacuum, so he can kick back while the house stays spick and span. 

Sport Dad: 

  • Under-desk Elliptical:  
    Working from home can make your super active dad a bit more sedentary, an under desk elliptical machine is a great way of staying active.  

  • Foot Massager: 
    When dad's in recovery mode, the best remedy is a good foot massager, preferably a heated one. 

  • Reusable Water Bottle: 
    We all know the importance of staying hydrated, especially when there is a lot of sweating involved. No doubt, a good quality water bottle will prevent Dad from dehydration! 

Tradie/DIY Dad:  

  • Box Cutter: 
    A box cutter is so handy and versatile to suit any given situation, plus it’s pocket sized for on-the-go jobs! 

  • Bottle Opener and Stubby Holder: 
    If your dad is an expert DIY handyman, we're certain he knows how to honour a good brew.  In this case, a bottle opener and stubby holder could be a great pairing. You can even get yours monogrammed to give it that personal touch.  

  • Portable Cooler Bag:  
    If your dad is constantly out and about, he will need a safe place for his greatest valuables i.e. his favourite snacks and drinks. A cooler bag that he can carry around day-to-day will prove to be extremely useful.