6 ways to practice self-care these holidays

It’s been a big year, and one filled with lots of uncertainty. For many people, regular self-care practices have been put on the backburner. 

With Summer days ahead, there’s no better time to get back into your self-care routine. These pampering activities will give you some much-needed rest and recuperation. Not only that, but they’ll get you feeling like the best version of yourself again! 

Read on for 6 great ways to practice self-care this holiday season.

1. Get a massage

A massage is the ultimate self-care activity. Not only does it alleviate stress and tension, but you can’t use your phone while you’re having one. That means you have 30 minutes to an hour (depending on how long your massage is) completely to yourself —no texts, phone calls or appointments! Prepare to feel your worries melt away and to walk out feeling like a new person.

2. Bronze it up

Nothing gets you feeling summer-ready quite like a glowing tan! Getting a spray tan is the sunsafe way to get that bronzed look without exposing yourself to dangerous UV rays. Taking just a few minutes, this is a quick and easy treatment that will leave you feeling like a goddess for weeks to come! It’s also customisable, so you can choose how long your formula takes to develop, or how deep your tan is.

3. Get smooth with laser 

With so much time spent at home over the last year, your hair removal routine may have gone out the window. With laser hair removal, you can trade prickly fuzz for smooth, sleek limbs! You can have this quick and painless procedure on your legs, arms or facial hair. With just a few sessions of laser, you’ll remove the hair semi-permanently—meaning you can stay smooth and fuzz-free all summer long!

4. Get your nails done

There’s something about having beautifully-painted nails that just makes you feel more ‘together.’ Like a massage, getting a manicure is a great self-care activity that gets you off your phone. Or, you could get a manicure to get your feet back into tip-top condition after months living in slippers! Not only is it an extremely relaxing activity, but you’ll leave ready to put your best foot (or, hands!) forward this holiday season.

5. Indulge in a facial

There’s no better gift you can give to yourself than soft, glowing skin! Whether you experience a dry complexion during the summer months or your skin is more on the oily side, there’s a facial treatment for everyone. Getting a facial is a full-sensory experience — from the ambient music to the fragrant oils and relaxing face massage. So, you’ll leave feeling relaxed and looking radiant.

6. Show your locks some love

Whether you’re well overdue for a roots touchup or want a full transformation, new hair can make you feel like a new woman (or man!). As you watch your locks fall to the ground, you’ll feel as though you’re shredding the layers that have been weighing you down lately. There’s nothing like a fresh cut, colour and blowdry to give you an instant confidence boost!

By taking time out for some TLC, you’ll look and feel your best for the summer ahead. Not only that, but you’ll be supporting local beauty businesses who have been doing it tough. So, pamper yourself guilt-free!

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